The Game is just beginning

We are always gamers

Because the game is just the beginning

Our team is a group of gamers who wanted to create a tool for game developers. That is how gr8game was created. It is a website on which users can interact with developers of smaller and larger games and also with game studios. Don’t ask us about our plans for developing the site – give us propositions about what you would like to find here.


SEO & programmer

Simply speaking a magician, he creates something out of nothing. The idea to create a portal arose when he was 14 years old and it has evolved ever since. It was the wish to realize this idea that urged Krzysztof to learn how to create websites. In gr8game he is the head of the entire project and the motivator for further development.


Socialmedia specialist & Customer hunter

A devoted Esports fan. Jacek has not missed a single virtus pro match. It’s no wonder, he turns observed actions into personal abilities, hence his global elite ranking in cs:go. In gr8game he looks for new games for our website and is also responsible for social media. Editing films and small graphic works are part of his everyday life.



Half human, half compiler. A dedicated programmer, pure code runs in his veins. He treats competing with machines as something fun, a daily challenge. In his free time an amateur musician, a jack of all trades and a seeker of knowledge. Dominik is the youngest programmer on our team and bravely helps Krzysztof take care of the functionality of the website.


Merchant & public relation

Hip hop culture runs in his veins. He belongs to a breakdance-funkrockass team. If you think he’s serious, you’re wrong. Marcin is an internet troll – there are not many like him. But luckily as an entrepreneur he takes his work very seriously. It is he who is responsible for maintain contacts with our clients and he is also responsible for our brand’s image.



Weronika is a warm and talented person, and also (so far) the only girl in our team. Her linguistic talents are far above the norm. German, English, Polish? No problem. In her free time an artist, who with the help of just a pencil creates new realities. We are happy that Weronika is our translator, without her we would not be able to create a portal with such good quality translations.

We are always open

If you are a talented person, if you love what you do and you love games just like us – don”t wait, join us!

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